Friday, September 30, 2011

Out Of Space

Three weeks after casting on, the Bono Kimono was laying out on an old beach towel.  Friends are amazed and darn near astonished at the speed put into this project.   I don't know why they are so in awe.  Have we not, each one of us, at some point in our yarn history managed the impossible to meet a deadline?  This is/was one of those times.  

Goal + mind set + finish line = Done!

Well, that and two weekends of watching football from the comfy sofa in order to mentally survive the unending garter.  

You might not want to enlarge the photo as this one was taken early on in the smoothing and straightening process.  Many a wiggle is still in the stitching.  But, if you do happen to enlarge the photo, you will discover:
  •  a bright green stitch marker indicating the possibility of a dropped stitch that needed a bit of weaving to make hold whilst disappearing into the garter ribs.
  • ends that are not woven in due to wanting to have the cotton setting its mind to a comfortable gauge before weaving in the straggles.
I did not modify the patter....much.  I made it a length that barely skims the top of my hip line.  This resulted in sleeves that are definitely 3/4 length.  It is important to note that the design of this open front kimono is not meant to close.  No, it does not slip off the shoulders, but the front edges do not meet/touch.  It is a light cover up perfect for this in between season or  over air conditioned restaurants. 

Bono Kimono from Loops here.
Schaefer Yarn Laurel  which your LYS can order for you.

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