Monday, September 19, 2011

Falling In Love

Last week, I finished another project.  Yeah for me!  The Lace Tunic is now ready for the color palette change that takes place at this time of year.

The thing about seaming lace is that great moments of concentration are required.  Here you see the front and back lining up side by side.  The markers are my attempt to perfectly match the rows of lace and ensure that the seam does not go askew.  It takes a bit of smoothing, even post blocking, to massage the lace into mirror image holes and stitches.

It is so worth the extra time it takes to slowly, stitch by stitch and row by row, sew up the seams.  For me, it works best to do this type of seaming with the project mostly flat and that usually involves the dining table.  A vital last step involves removing all remnants of wool dust before eating!

Here she is.  I am in love with the big shawl collar and how casual it looks.  Having studied the fashions currently being displayed about the mall stores, it is possible that I'll add a leather belt when wearing this one.    Yesterday afternoon, it was ninety-three degrees hot.  Thus, the tank top as an underpinning.

But when the temps drop, I'll gradually shift to 3/4 sleeves and then a turtleneck long sleeve top for underneath. 

It feels good to finish a "big" project rather and another scarf or gift bag.  A true sense of accomplishment and giddiness.   Too bad you missed the site of me patting my self on the back for a job well done.  I did my happy dance!

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  1. A happy dance maybe wasn't enough for a project this lovely. Perhaps you should have fainted on the chaise, fanned yourself and drunk the celebratory champagne that hubby brought to revive you.

    It's lovely!