Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vision But No Completion

Oh yes.  I have vision.  Various posts over the summer waxed poetic about the beverage bags for gift giving in a few months.  Well, I'm still at the project but have expanded beyond the simple bottle cover.

Unfortunately it seems that for right now, my vision is out of sync with my fingers.  Witness the current state of the desk.  

Front bag with red yarn - - should be a completed gift bag for something small and delicate as we all know that good things come in small hand made packages.  Not even started, but envisioned.

The length of white/gold still on the needles is a half completed swath that will be just the right size to hold needles and a skein because fantastic gifts should come in fantastic packages.  Vision, but no completion.

And then under the needles is a seamless drawstring bag of a suitable size to hold a hat or scarf - either of which will fall out unless the bottom is seamed up!  Because everyone needs to receive a hand made project in its own project bag.  Near completion per the vision.

Lots of vision around here.  These three are in the "not complete" column.  They are not, I repeat NOT, ufo's.  They are each a work in progress.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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