Monday, September 5, 2011

Maybe Not

Now that my arm is feeling better and the muscle does not cause me to make strange facial expression whilst uttering the un-utterable, yarn work is progressing.  Witness the completed pieces of the TSS fingerless mitts.  

Let's just acknowledge that this photo is the underside, which is kinda cool in a funky way, but it gives a good glimpse into just how curly these pieces are.  Seaming is definitely required.

What I like about these finished pieces is the sturdy fabric.  So, I am thinking that maybe these are not mitts but rather they are the beginnings of a new travel pouch.  My old standby little packing bag is on its last legs.  About the only thing left that is not fraying on it are the snaps.

The right side of the TSS fabric looks mighty fine.  There is a funky, almost but not quite, plaid look on this side.  The curled wrong side is more stripe like.  Because of the wonky plaid vibe, I am really thinking that these should become a nice little travel bag.  Just big enough to hold the ID, valued paperwork (folded of course), phone,  keys and color for the lips.  I rarely have pockets safe enough for the valuables, so I depend on simple functional light weight accessory pouches when encountering TSA and the new empty pocket rule or running towards the next flight.

And this fall, I do have several excursions on the schedule.

So - - initially intended to be fingerless mitts for sitting on the patio during the chill of desert winter.  But maybe not.  Maybe a new travel bag.

I think that the many days of being barely functional due to the muscle mishap has left my brain in a fog.  I'll save the decision process for the moment that I feel like seaming.  

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