Monday, September 12, 2011

A Decision Is Possible

The Straw Girl scarf is completed, blocked and worn in public.  It is a fine accessory and not too strangling hot to wear in this late summer/early autumn weather.  Quite enjoyable in the evenings!

I like the length.  You will note in the photo that it wraps and dangles appropriately for my body length.  The ends are a bit fiddly when they encounter the seat belt.  Practically strangled myself the first time I buckled up!  But a mere flip of the trailing ends and I could breathe again.

So, what did I decide about the ends?

I decided that the squared-off ends were just not working.  The pretty graphic beads worked best, but the weight of them had me concerned.  So, and you may click the photo to see it larger and then return to finish reading, I crocheted flowers and used the beads as the centers.

The flowers have dimension with two levels of petals and I used two flowers on each end so that the whole scarf has no right or wrong side.  Before sewing on the flowers & bead centers, I gathered the scarf ends tightly and that gave a "mass" into which the stitching would hold firm.  All of the sewing ends were left long and knotted up under the flowers to be tendrils. 

All in all, this airplane knit has turned out well.  The random placement of the twisted drop stitches plays well with my asymmetrical leanings, no underside makes fussing with it unnecessary, and the beaded flower ends add just enough weight to help the ends hang perfectly.

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