Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Football Knitting

OK, this knitting project really is not football related.  No team colors are involved and it is not a scarf that can be waved maniacally about the head whilst screaming in a stadium.  The only reason this is football knitting is because it is a whole heap of mindless knitting that can easily be accomplished when kicking back on a Sunday afternoon to watch the Saints romp up and down the field.

Right now, it does not look like much and you are most assuredly underwhelmed.  If you've a mind to investigate:

Pattern is Bono Kimono which can be had here via Loops Knitting

Yarn is Laurel for Schaefer Yarns in the Sinrock Mary colorway.

Not much else can be said at this point.  Just a whole bunch of garter stitching that keeps growing and growing and growing, but still measures seventeen inches.   I hate when that happens.

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