Thursday, September 8, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Applause please.  Something is actually past the bind off stage.  Past the soak stage.  Past the blocking stage.  All the way past dry!  But, alas, it is not finished.  The "airplane" scarf was long enough for me, so it came off the needles and went through the typical post knit, make it pretty stage.  And then I looked at that swath of silk and though BLAH!

Embellishment required. 

Option 1 is beads that are already strung for another project but can easily come off the black and go onto the teal.  Fairly basic and frankly - uninspired.

Option 2 is different beads.  Hey, maybe the problem is those beads in #1 are too small and offer nothing other than color contrast.  How about a fringe made of these left overs.  Hard to see in the photo, but these beads look "printed" all around.  Kinda heavy though when you add up enough beads to fringe both ends.  And noisy.  I think that these would "clank" rather than "tink".  Not so good.

Option 3 gets me out of a jam.  This is a necklace that I have a love/hate relationship with.  Love the wood beads that dangle, hate the way it wraps around my neck like a choker - - literally a choking feeling.   I could take the necklace apart and put the dangles on the scarf in an asymmetrical manner and feel quite the artist.  Very asymmetrical because no matter how many times I count the dangling bits, the number never changes and I want something on both ends of the scarf and there aren't enough bits to make it equal and then I'd have to figure out a way to string the beads from the necklace to look similar to the dangling bits and it would just string out and cause frustration and all that jazz.

Clearly, I need more options.  Stay tuned!

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