Friday, September 9, 2011

More Options To Consider

The decision matrix is getting quite complex.  There are new options to consider for embellishing the airplane scarf.
Option 4 is beads that wow me.  Totally forgot that I even owned these and that makes it more special.  Love the graphics of the beads with the twisted drop stitch in the scarf.  The weight of the beads don't add up like those other beads in the earlier option (see yesterday's post).  HMM - strong contender.

Option 5 solves the weight issue.  These fake pearls weigh very little, but they look rather lady-ish.  Don't get me wrong.  I wear pearls quite often.   But the fake looking pearls on the quality silk of the scarf is offensive and shall not happen.   This option was tossed out almost as soon as I took the photo.  

Option 6 is really out of the box thinking.  Stitch markers!  Yep, these custom made stitch markers from my buddy Joan are just the thing.  They look fabulous on the stitches.

So - six options so far and # 4 & #6 are at the head of the pack in my mind's eye.  But, if I use the stitch markers to embellish the scarf, what am I going to use on the raglan sweater to keep a nice straight increase line?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. 

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