Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Slowly And Surely

Well, the work continues on the lace tunic that began last month.  Frankly, the crochet work required to make this is not a month worth of Sundays.  Travel (I simply must stop using that as an excuse), pain and pure laziness have caused this to drag on longer than necessary.

But when the temps stay above 100 degrees, it is difficult to get excited about autumnal shades and warm wool.  Slowly and surely it is getting done.  Thanks in large part to the amount of labor put to hook during the Labor Day weekend.

Please do notice how I am concentrating on ticking off the rows of this side to ensure that it exactly matches the other side.  Back in my free wheeling days when I could return to a project after months of ignoring it, pick up the pattern mid row and know exactly what to do, I never did put little marks on paper and pray that I remembered at the end of each row to put the friggin' mark on the piece of paper and get it in the right spot/row so as to.......!  [rant complete - please return to casual reading pace]   Alas, the youthful days of perfect memory are gone.  Thus, the constant ticking off of rows on almost every project.  

So, the row count and pattern repeating from front to back shall be perfectly matched.  Unfortunately, due to the pain in the working shoulder, these stitches are just a tad looser.  Each row a tad looser somehow multiplies to a noticeable difference once lots of rows are worked.   HMMM.   It is going to take some fancy thinking to block that out!

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