Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Ten whole days without touching yarn.  That's a painful confession.  It has been a long dry spell with nothing to show for it.  Should you be wondering what is happening, these days have been filled with inspirational moments from nature.  I have just returned from a visit to Alaska and remain eternally in awe at the beauty of nature when mankind stands off to the side an allows her to just be.

Blue glacial ice.  Stunning blue so perfect that no photo can ever capture the beauty.  

Green foliage.  Verdant and so many tints, shades and tones that the word "green" is insufficient.

Pattern against solid.  Shapes, dots and unusual markings distinguishing one whale from the next, one salmon from a million.  

Majesty in motion.  Bald eagles skimming over the waters only to zoom up and find a perch from which to scan the world.

Quiet.  Yes, quiet moments when humanity shuts up and let's nature speak her song.

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  1. A trip to Alaska?! How awesome! That's a place I reallllly want to visit. Will you be posting pictures?