Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here A Bidder - There a Bidder

Score! Oh the joy of bidding against friends is quite thrilling. Yesterday was the RKG annual yarn auction. All of the money raised is used to offset the cost of programs for members. You might want to know that our first 'biggie' of the year will be Lucy Neatby teaching short rows in May. Only three seats left - leave a comment.

It is imperative, absolutely imperative that one understands that all of the yarn, UFOs and books are donated. The meeting space was donated and the auctioneers are members of the guild. Absolutely 100% profit! This was my first guild yarn auction, since I have only belonged for about ten months. I was warned. Can't say that the members did not warn me. Arrive early with your donations. Be sure to preview and touch -it goes fast. It lasts about four hours. Bring food! Have water. Practice with your bid paddle. Don't forget a check - and cash. Stand up and stretch. Breathe!

Even with all of the helpful hints I was still blown away. Shocked if you want the truth. There were over one hundred and ten items. And given that the items were drool worthy such as eight skeins of Noro, you can imagine the amount of previewing, planning and plotting that goes into warming up one's bid paddle.

Don't want to brag too much, but I donated (among other stuff) a ball of the Sox Metallic from wince came the Twinkle Toes socks, and 1100 yards of a sorta buff shade of merino that was put on the back burner after I scored a better light grey at this swap. I like the grey much better than the buff I had.

About those UFOs. Never dawned on me to donate something I now hate. Bidding was quite brisk on an entralac purse. All it needed was lining and a handle - -and instant gift. Please know that these savvy women - who can pull a purse off the needles in two days flat - bid like maniacs (very nice maniacs one and all) on that unfinished purse. The winner was thrilled as she had an almost instant gift for a family member.

And now to the difficult part. Please memorize these faces:

That is Mary on the left (head auctioneer) and Diane on the right (she will let you fondle - if you ask firmly). They are evil. This team can squeeze the last half dollar out of an empty check book. And should she sense that prodding is needed, Diane is not adverse to outbidding you by twenty-five cents just to make sure that the guild get the most possible benefit from your addiction to all things fiber.

Sure, they might look like fun loving high energy knitters. But that covers a mercenary streak the likes of which I have rarely encountered. Blew the yarn budget for the month on April 4. Now what??

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