Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blankie Briggade

Last night was a fun evening of catching up with friends from National Charity League Whittier Chapter. We are all now Sustainers. That just means that we are no longer active in the Chapter, but still stay connected and support the efforts of the current mothers and daughters.

Unfortunately, we enjoy the friendships a bit too much. Although our intentions were truly honorable and noble, the chatter, chocolate covered strawberries and cake took a toll and we ran short of time to complete a project. So, I brought home enough supplies to finish two blankets.

Bert helped - which means that I'll have to wash the blankets before turning them in for use. Bert seems to have a thing for green; perhaps he thinks it is a cousin. At any rate, the green frogs were really attractive to him. Really attractive. I had to cut off a bit of green and let him chatter at that, rather than the whole blankie.

As a group, we committed to making a certain number of fleece blankets for the local hospital. These child sized softies are destined for the emergency room and will be given to children in medical need.

Knotting fleece into a blanket is so much more enjoyable and rewarding than doing laundry. Which is still waiting - so I'm off to more domestic chores. Clearly not my forte.

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