Monday, April 20, 2009

Up, Up and Away

A full week of travel for me. I am off to Atlanta for non-fiber related activities. It is a tough call on what project to bring on such a long flight followed by jammed packed days that start early in the morning and don not conclude until near bed time. Should it be the crochet jacket, the knit vest or something entirely different?

I decided against the crochet simply because, should the unthinkable occur and I loose the work, I would be simply devastated and unable to carry on.

I decided against the knit vest simply because it requires seven different yarns to work the blocks. That is just way too much to keep track of during travels and meetings and gatherings.

So the only logical and sane solution was to start a new project that requires only one yarn - and yarn that I scored for a song during the RKG yarn auction.

Back at you next week.

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