Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swapping for Charity

Went to a yarn swap yesterday. It was a lively and fun event. The Vanna wannabees did their thing in describing the yarns being re-stashed to a new home. Now normally, this group conducts a yarn swap under generally loose guidelines - bring something, get something. Fairly typical. We've all participated in one of those.

AH, but this was different. At the suggestion of a forward thinking participant there were new rules.
1. Discounted selling is acceptable. Yours truly scored six balls of Kidsilk Haze at a steep discount.
2. Plain giving away is acceptable.
3. Offering up a prized jewel of fibre in exchange for a donation to The Women's Room at Friends in Deed is desired.
4. Donating unclaimed swappable yarn to
The Women's Room at Friends in Deed is desired.

Swapping for Charity. And it worked. It worked fabulously and generously.

One of the women in attendance is associated with The Women's Room. It is a safe daytime refuge for women who are alone and homeless or at risk. Totally free services are offered including shower and laundry facilities, computer and telephone access and a place to rest. A recent offering was free hair styles from a professional. And soon to begin - free knitting classes where the women can make items for their personal use and spend time relaxing with a group in the safety of the facility.

Without hesitation, many items were declared by the original owner as a swappable for a donation to this cause. Two hours of fun and petting of yarns interspersed stories about life in general and the facility for women in particular.

And, at the end of the swapping, selling and donating - our little group sent over $100 to our chosen charity and an entire bag filled with enough yarn for the clients to learn and make for months to come.

Swapping for Charity. I highly recommend it.

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  1. AW, man! Where was the swap at? I'm so bummed I missed it! When's the next one? I'd really like to check one out.