Monday, March 2, 2009

Will It Match?

Will the self-striping match from sock to sock? Good question that many have asked since these fun color sequences changed our options.

I don't ever seem to have a problem getting matches - or at least matches that are good enough for me. I certainly don't frown on a bit of variance, but expect there to be enough 'sameness' so that any observer will think the socks (sleeves, fronts, etc.) actually are part of a pair.

For these socks, I used my all in one printer/fax/copy/scan miracle machine to make a color copy of the exact point in color sequencing where I began the cast on. This is a never fail resource for me.

Don't have at home color copy availability? No worries. Just snap a digital photo of the point at which you begin the cast on. That is the same reference and will remind you of exactly where to start. I can usually tell right after casting on if the color sequencing is going to come out to match the first one.

Of course, casting on both socks at the same time would solve a lot of matchy matchy issues. Since I don't suffer from second sock syndrome, I stick with old school one at a time for foot wear - even though I always work both sleeves/fronts at the same time.

Isn't it weird how we each have these little oddities of how we work the string?

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