Thursday, April 9, 2009

Washing in the Sunshine

Jot this down in your memory. Wednesday, April 8, 2009, was a beautiful sunny morning in Riverside, California. So beautiful, in fact that this southerner felt that internal pull to do the washing outside in the warm power of the sun. (I do believe that is a song lyric - - so don't quote me)

Pesky first steps delayed my efforts. Pesky steps can bring out my worst attitude - but the sun was calling.

Step 1 - pick over that to be washed and ensure that all is well
Step 2 - kick the mess that is not to be washed out of the way
Step 3 - plan a path to the exterior wash zone that is free of any wayward dog napping in said sunshine
Step 4 - open the screen door so as not to accidentally put a hole in the screen
Step 5 - maneuver that to be washed into position in the sun
Step 6 - turn on hose and adjust nozzle to a gentle spray that mimics rain
Step 7 - wash
Step 8 - frantically maneuver that which is now dripping wet back into the house because the hose water was not warm from the power of the sun

Step 9 - share photo of wet Bert trying to find dry warmth from his new warm fuzzy

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