Monday, April 13, 2009

I Knit iPocket

Why can so many other humans of the female persuasion tuck away a phone so casually and so perfectly hidden upon the person, while I (a human of the female persuasion) always look like I have a growth that is in dire need of medical intervention? I have tried a back pocket, a front pant pocket, stupid items that hook upon the waist band and even - yes my friends - the tucking it up top approach. Guess I am just to old to pass off grabbing my ringing 'girls.'

So, I sat and knit an iPocket for the iPhone. Goes quite well on the latest summer pullover, don't you agree.

Here is the precious phone sticking out to prove that it does indeed fit in the iPocket. This was a last minute decision for the completed shirt. All I did was knit a width to fit the iPhone dimension and finish off the top of the pocket with garter stitch to match the simple detail of the pullover. This garment is a basic, non-fancy t-shirt style with garter instead of ribbing. Ribbing on the pocket would work also. I have nothing against ribbing. The Breeze yarn is elastic enough that I am confident that the iPocket will function without a ribbed top.

Now in the photo, the iPocket is clearly misshaped by the iPhone. But rest assured that said phone slips horizontally into said pocket quite well. When fully and properly inserted, shown in this second photo, there remains a hint of bulge such that even the most casual observer will notice there is 'something' in the pocket.

But, bless the spirit of Spring, I no longer grab either my delicacies nor my netherlands when the phone rings.

Ain't it grand!?

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