Monday, April 27, 2009

Knitting New Friends

The travels are over for for a few weeks. Whew! Having fun really takes a lot of energy. And sleep. However, as my Daddy taught me, the best way to rest up from exhausting activity it to do something entirely different. Daddy would return home from a work day that started at 5:00 a.m. and head outside to rake leaves or mow grass or feed the birds. I learned this lesson well.

So, from Tuesday night through Saturday Noon, I was full time National Charity League, Inc. board member and incoming President. I had hoped to get more knitting accomplished. I was excited about my chosen projects. The original plan was to bring a new shawl that I started because I wanted something fun to work on during the Atlanta trip. All those YOs stared me in the face and then they started talking. I heard them as I zipped the suitcase. Don't drop me. Please count me correctly. Remember to knit three rows. What did you do to me??

Just could not do it. At the very last minute the shawl escaped from my luggage and was replaced by left over Sox Metallic. It made much more sense to work on something that wouldn't worry about itself. (Don't snicker. Admit it, your yarn talks to you. And I suspect that you often talk to it.)

Meet Betsy Beaver.

She has a little trouble with her wet ears feeling cold and asked for something warm.

Easy knitting. Start at the point and knit a triangle.

When it seems the right width across the top edge, cast on enough stitches on each side to be able to tie as you wish and cast off on the next row.

Meet Belinda Bear.

Belinda often feels the chill damp of her cave and needed something special to keep the arthritis in her shoulders at bay.

Belinda's poncho is the same concept as Betsy's scarf. Knit a triangle until wide enough to go just past the shoulders. On the next row knit about one inch, bind off the center stitches until you reach the last one inch and continue in pattern.

On the way back, just cast on the same number of stitches you cast off and then start decreasing on the back side so that you get another triangle.

Betsy, Belinda and I have become fast friends.

We have lovely conversations.

After Betsy and Belinda visit for a while, they will be fostered in the Precious Pals program until each finds a child to adopt her. I am confident that each will lead a wonderful life and never ever talk with worry in her voice.

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