Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yo, Yo, Yo for Ho, Ho, Ho

Well, it is not gonna be your traditional holiday green, but the Rusted Diamond sweater is almost done. As in only eight inches, give or take, of the second sleeve left to knit. Around and around and around. Knit stitches. Nothin' but knit stitches with an occasional (and thus quite thrilling) SSK or k2tog. Over and over and over. Ad infinitum. Ad nausium.

Decided not to add in any diamonds on the sleeve because that would detract from the surprise side detail I thought up all on my own. Because this is done (just as the original Rusted Root from Zephyr Style) in the round, there are no side seams specified or faked. But I did add in one little bit of "ooooh" factor where the side seams would normally sit. Does this make me a designer?

As if my hips aren't spreading enough on their own, I decided to draw attention to them with bright shining white.

Yarn over! Simple eyelets with two stitches between. Yo! Yo! Yo! for Ho! Ho! Ho!

This extremely nonfunctional detail does require that that a marker, pattern placed at the under arm, be carried along row by boring row until it is time to put in the YOs. What row to begin - - any where you want based upon your own body, of course. I, as confessed, placed these quite low down so as to emphasize my holiday hips.

And, if you look carefully, you'll note that the YO eyelets continue through the ribbing at sweater's end.

I-cord to match the diamonds weaves and dangles like trimming on a tree. But I can also vision ribbon woven through for a more delicate look. Of course given that this sweater is cotton, it would need to be gross grain. Had the sweater been done of silk, a lovely gossamer would be quite elegant.

And here we admire the final product.

Woven and dangling

Ready for my hips

Maybe the casual observer will be drawn to the unique detail and fail to notice how far apart the two sides actually are.

Maybe the casual observer will fail to notice how far apart my two sides are.




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