Monday, November 17, 2008

Dancing and Diamonds

So I was not quite so hooked on the semi-finals of Dancing With the Stars. That's OK. Managed to finish the body of what I thought would be a Diamond Rusted Root.

While working the first diamond, it dawned on me that if I pulled the strand of yarn back on the next round that the diamonds would be puffy and stand out with some dimension. It was a grand idea. I just could not quite pull it off consistently.

But the effect is still very organic due to the cotton. Probably should have been a good girl and carried back the strand loosely, spread out those stitches, and used all of the "right way to do it" skills.

Sometimes, it just feels good to break the rules.

On the upper sleeve, I did not do the decreases that bring that lovely "puff" to the Rusted Root. And it still worked out really well. See - - - - -

The hem of this sweater has a little surprise. I got extremely bored with stockinette and just the few white stitches for the diamond. You'll just have to wait to discover the difference. I hope it works out better than the plan for the puffy diamonds.

But, let me assure you that the try on was a total success. Exactly the right length for me! YEAH.

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