Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Beginnings

The eve of a new year. New challenges. New joys.

For 2009, I have a new challenge that will be a joy. The Riverside Knitting Guild has allowed me to be the program chair for the coming year. Well, actually they call it Vice President - Programs. That sounds too challenging. So, let's just stick with program chair. That sounds more like a joyous task.

One program idea that is swirling in my head is to hold a Block Party. Not the kind with your neighbors, but the kind where you review tips and tricks for blocking finished objects. Clearly, I might need to brush up a bit before blocking the scarf. It is only two-thirds done and I will need to clean off floor space or a bed for the blocking. You know what? Long is kinda - well - long.

It is growing, that's for sure. Unfortunately, as much as I love this one from Stefanie Japel, I'm starting to dream of bulky yarn and a size 11 needle. The whole thing would be done by now! More than done. Between this and the cardigan, I just might have to take a break and go out celebrating with friends.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! stay safe

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