Sunday, December 21, 2008

Decrease Dilemma

Where do you place your decrease stitches? And here, specifically, the dilemma is the decreases involved in an armhole. Of late it works best for me to place the decrease two (2) stitches in from the edge. That leaves two whole stitches on the outer edge and one is available for sewing in the sleeve. I can get the right 'look' when I do it this way.

Had to unwrap this cropped cardi to show you, and the photo is certainly a quickie, but putting the decreases in a few stitches results in a lovely line of pretty knit stitches that follow the armhole. This looks good to me.

One might presume that if it works on a gift, it will work on a personal item. Enter the current project. The cabled cardigan first introduced over here. Well, it is still twisting along easily. It is still shouting at me "this is gonna work!"

Groovin' and movin'. Flying along on a sunny Saturday. Going so great I never did put shoes on the whole day.

So, it was time for the armholes - -
bind off on the next four rows and then start the decreases. We've all done this. Not a problem. Until you start counting inward from those two (2) edge stitches that shall remain un-decreased. Yep, a bit of fore thought and counting revealed that if I did my current decreases, the last decrease would actually involve the first stitch of the first cable. Oh, NO. A huge NO WAY.

Clearly, the purl decreases had to be worked only one stitch in - Knit 1, p2tog. Simple enough knitting. Scary for the future. This means that there is only the one knit stitch at the edge for seaming and the seam will be smack
dab against one lone purl stitch that sets off the first cable.

You can see it better in this other photo on the right - but what happened to the color? The sun had popped through and made this great grey turn blue. Is it just me? Please forgive the photography.

Any way, the barely enough room left will cause me to review my seaming skills. There is sure to be video watching in my future. And precise blocking. Extremely precise. And patience. Loads of patience which is not my forté.

But since this is only the back and there are two fronts and two sleeves left to knit, I can worry about that on Scarlett time.

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