Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twist and Shout

Every now and then a project really takes hold. Really fretted and fidgeted over a next project for moi. You see, I mailed off the washcloth/soap gifts for my committee members, wrapped up Rae's BF B'day knitted gift, and finished the diamond root all within two days.

That leaves a lot of free time. Even managed to toss off four more washcloths as stocking stuffers (shh, don't look). After all that fast knitting - well except for the endless stockinette of the Root - my brain was ready for something more interesting.

Enter the Cabled Cardigan from Classic Elite Knits. Wedded to Lily Chin Gramercy from the stash and voila!

This one will keep me busy.

This one will not be done in two days.

This one will not be a fast knit.

This one will be fabulous (I can feel it already)

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