Monday, December 15, 2008

Childhood Memories

Today I am in the glow of memories of holiday seasons long long ago in Louisiana. Yes, it is raining in southern California. Weather like this makes me feel at home. This is my comfort zone. It is hovering around 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) with rain dripping and occasionally pouring. This is life. So as wonderful as this Monday is for me, it surely is different than my weekend.

A weekend spent enjoying sun, wind, alone time with the knitting and Jimmy Stewart's "A Wonderful Life." Not sure if it was the alone time (is one ever alone with two dogs for company?), the knitting, the sun, or a cherished movie. Maybe a combination of all. But it is really clicking for me today. Really clicking. Did the hand washing and blocking, did the normal washing, was focused on one meeting and actually looking forward to two more conference calls this afternoon.

I'm in my groove. Here is knitting from the weekend. (as always, click to enlarge)

Here is winter fruit from the weekend.

Here is my goofy self portrait from the weekend.

And I'm still grooving along.

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