Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unstrung By A Bird

Bert has really done it this time! Did he say "Ribbit" when he frogged the working sample? Silly me thought that he would never attack something warm and looking like a green bird cousin. What was I thinking - leaving that beak alone with temptation?!

Well, maybe he thought he was preening and wanted to share the joy. Who knows what goes on in that little bird brain? (and I say that in only the nicest of possible meanings as said bird is now sitting on my desk and uttering Hello over and over while hitting the phone)

I am thinking of teaching Bert to TINK. If he wants to be involved with knitting and thinks I have made a mistake, the least he can do is treat it with respect and bring me back a few stitches.

Frogging is for major repair work. As in rows and rows and humongous snafu. Not a few stitches.

As you can see, this will only take about 90 seconds and a crochet hook to repair. Working sample will be back on the needles and I can recount the stitches and the repeat. I think the pattern was working out when last I saw it whole and unblemished by That Bird.

At least, upon noting my disgust with his latest escapade, Bert did turn away and hang his head in shame.

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