Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflection and Celebration

A season of reflection - miracles - celebration. I am refreshed and restored.

We are fortunate this year to have the immediate family coming over for Christmas gumbo and a day of enjoying each other with expressions of love. And a fine gumbo it shall be - I can tell already. The roux was in the pot by eight 0'clock on the 24th and by ten we were sampling. Now it is resting in the refrigerator overnight.

There was one little mishap earlier. Well, when there are animals afoot little mishaps do occur. Know that my office carpet is amazingly clean. Sparkling and refreshed. I recovered from accomplishing an actual domestic chore (the carpet cleaning) by decorating another tree. Don't know if anyone will have the courage to eat it. But is matches the distant snow on the San Gabriel mountains.

I spent all afternoon working on the cabled cardigan. The back is finished and both fronts are on the needles with waist shaping under way. This one continues to bring me pleasure just in the making of it.

Oh, it was tempting to block the back as soon as it came off the needles. Just the back. 'Tis beautiful, I tell you. Absolutely beautiful. And the potential of pure perfection is waiting - just waiting for blocking.

But resist the temptation I did. Stayed content with working on the fronts. I always work both fronts (and both sleeves) at the same time. It keeps me organized, accurate in shaping and gives the grand delusion that a cardigan is composed of only three parts - back, fronts and sleeves. Far simpler to knit three things than five. Don't you think?

The pattern is quite specific that the left front should be knit first, and buttons applied before knitting the right and inserting the button holes. Call me a knitting rebel, but that would take 'forever' to do. I'll either very soon do a bit of math and figure out where to put the button holes or go buy a zipper.

My other joy this Christmas Eve is tracking the Man himself on Google Earth - courtesy of NORAD. Surely this service, my friends, is a valid use of tax dollars. Yes indeed.

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