Saturday, December 27, 2008

Free and Functional Stash Basket.

Working the lace for my Wild Blue Space Shuttle scarf kinda got to me. I just can't memorize the pattern, so I actually have to look at the chart every two rows. But it is OK because the scarf is working beautifully. And it should as it is a kit from Stefanie Japel.

A bit of rooting though the stash revealed the left over skeins from a recently completed sweater. There was just enough cotton/wool blend to crochet this quite useful little basket.

It measures about six inches square and even stands up and looks sturdy with just the edge folded down. This is single crochet worked over twenty-five stitches. Each side is twenty-four rows worked with an H hook.

I really like it. Free and Functional. Anytime a project can be completed using only the remains of other projects, it counts a free. Surely it does, doesn't it?

This will be quite useful for catching odds and ends like the extra phone charger that doesn't
have a special home. I might just have to make another one or two.

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