Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friends Helping Friends

One thing to be absolutely adored about the yarn and fibre community is the whole friends helping friends thing. Today was one of those helping out days. A friend came over for advice on what to do with a much delayed project.

She had purchased a beautiful merino/angora with which to make a wedding gift afghan for her son. As these thing happen, the wedding was last summer. Afghan is not even started. So she was thinking it could be for the first Christmas gift. Afghan is still not started.

Seems the problem is the pattern she chose. It is a bit fiddly. Actually it is a lot fiddly with K2tog but leave stitches on needle and re-knit through first loop----or some such pay attention verbiage. Lovely finished texture. Just not what she wants to do right now.

So we played around with texture and how reversible could this afghan be (she wants total good looking on both sides) and came up with a pattern from decades ago. Something she knit back when a whole book of patterns cost $2.95. Not kidding. That's the price on the book. $2.95. Wow!

Here we are in the considering stage. You will note that tea is required when you really need to analyze and think and plot and plan.

All in all quite fun even if it did take over an hour to accomplish. But it was fun. Just plain fun to worry and fret over a project that I never have to cast on.

HMM. Perhaps I should find the iron and run it over that table cloth.

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