Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Organized

Time to get organized for the new year. Not my favorite thing in the world, but every now and again an event or a thing inspires me to challenge the professional organizers on television. You might say that it was news of an event and the resulting gift that brought on my current need for neatness.

A phone call. Just a phone call with daughter #2 and I was shocked to discover that the man in her life gifted her with golf clubs. My daughter and golf! Who'd have ever thunk it. Well, as we all can attest, each new gift deserves another gift - often referred to as an accessory - so off to Ravelry I went and discovered a swift to crochet golf
Tee Bag designed by Priscilla Hewitt.

Stash diving for a color that would not disappear when dropped on a golf course revealed left over Kollage Yummy in Miami colorway, which owing to it's 80/20 bamboo/merino nature makes it quite 'green'. It is important to go green to the greens, don't you know. And given where daughter is most likely to hit the links, going green is quite important.

Not more than half way through this very quick to make project the light bulb of inspiration flashed and I realized that this is way more than a golf tee bag. It is a marvel of design that goes far beyond the intended purpose.

It is an organizer for knitting needles and crochet hooks. Yes, indeed. An organizer. Why there is even a button hole that is just the right size for hanging from a hook placed on a wall, a bulletin board or (as I have done before) from one of those removable hooky things placed on the side of a desk. Brilliant. Flexible. Blog worthy. Gift worthy. And, I must confess, Show and Share worthy at your next guild meeting or knit/crochet gathering. Which of course I shared with the Riverside Knitting Guild just yesterday.

So now all thoughts and efforts are focused on making several hook and needle hangers to jump start the organizing efforts for 2009. I'm even dreaming of sewing two onto a place mat, spaced apart appropriately to hold the straights. I'm telling you this is practically a miracle pattern. Multi-use, quick to complete and a stash buster.

Click on over to Priscilla's patterns (link is above) and make one for yourself.

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