Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Wacky World Of Yarn Work

Last week was like a roller coaster of hooks and needles held together by string.  Within twenty-four hours  I went on a wild ride of knitting a shop sample and crocheting for the television world.

It all started when a certain yarn store received a shipment of the new Knit Noro 1 2 3 Skeins book.  It is a winner for sure.  A sample was needed and I offered my service.

  Two balls of Noro Mossa later this Cabled Handbag was finished. From cast on through sewing and on to attaching the lining and the handles, this purse took about nine hours - including going shopping for the handles.  When I set my mind to finish something, it gets done.  Period.

And then the wacky got even wackier.  A friend received a job.  He had about four (as in 4) days to crochet a very specific afghan for a production company.  This was more than even the most prolific crochet insomniac can accomplish with precision.  Luckily, friends abound.  He posted and three of our extended group of yarn-a-holics offered to crochet.  We are all determined to be successful so that he gets more jobs for the industry folks down the road.

But let me tell you.   It is really something to see the designer of an afghan teach others to get exact gauge on every piece so that they will all fit together at the last minute with no major issues that could cause the deadline to be missed.

The designer/contractor has a loose hand.  What he could do on an H hook, I needed an I.  The first assistant who got to work needed a J hook to get gauge.  And the final assistant, when last I saw her, was determined to get gauge without moving all the way to a K hook (she is a very tight crocheter who sells her beautiful things all the time!)

Each of the three assistants (and yes, that includes me)  all  produce beautiful items.  But getting all four "hookers" working on what can only be described as panic pace and on the same gauge is not as easy as one might think.  Luckily for us, he who is in charge is an experienced teacher and he has us all working apace for the goal.  Job well done Leo.  Job well done.

So that was my wacky world of yarn work.  Two jobs, both on tight deadline.  And then I rested.  

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