Thursday, June 12, 2014

Right To The Point

Let's get right to the point.  Another project has been cast on.  I'm not a big nor talented lace knitter but something about this free pattern caught my eye.  Oh, sure - it is designed for a dk yarn.  So what can possibly go wrong if I make it out of lace weight?  Same stitches, different gauge, and there was no need to go shopping due to the stash.

Just add another to the long list of "on the needle or hook" at Maison Francois. 

I figure that if anything does happen to go wrong (am I tempting the yarn gods?)  the simple fact that I have already admitted to being untalented when it comes to knitted lace actually removes some the the shame should the inevitable occur.  But I am trying to control for mishaps.

Check out all of the markers!  One marker for every two pattern repeats.  Hopefully this means that I  never have more than twenty stitches to tink.  And I plan to use multiple life lines just for good measure.

Wish me luck, please.  This one will receive my total focus when I'm not working on the tee, the thread crochet shawl, the blanket, the new charity caps or testing a vest pattern for a friend. 

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