Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Genetic

Today is bittersweet.  Ninety years ago, Ida Mae Francois was born.  Thirty years later she had a daughter when little Lenora was born.  Almost twenty years ago, Mama's life journey ended.

One corner of my yarn studio purposely keeps her memory alive.  Every day that I walk in, I feel the genes wiggle and wake up.  And life goes on.

The two needlepoint pieces are in the style of Currier & Ives.  Mama did those;  I have them.  The oval photo is Alexon and Laura Francois - Mama's parents/my grandparents. 

Under that is a very humble snap shop of the rocker that I still have.  My memory has failed, but it might be that the rocker belonged to Laura (surely it could not be old enough to have been Laura's mother who owned it).  I remember when Daddy and Mama replaced the original cane seat (broken from years of wear) with the pad and upholstery that is still there today.

The hooked pillow front is left over from when Mama tried to re-teach me to hook a rug.  It is cute and meaningful to me even if the skill is not very technical.  And look at the pink afghan tossed over the back of the rocker.  That is from the hand of daughter Sarah - she who crochets - adding her skill and yarn love to the corner that is dedicated to the women of my family.

From Laura to Ida Mae to Lenora to Sarah.   It's genetic and I am proud.

Happy Birthday, Mama.

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  1. I LOVE your little family craft corner! Happy Birthday, Ida Mae. You have a very talented daughter!