Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Embarrassed To The Core

My head hangs in shame. 

A few nights ago, there was a local news piece about these kind folks who are needing assistance with shipping costs.  I've done my part in whipping up hats for their distribution efforts.  Watching the news reminded me that I had not sent them hats for a while.  I know this for a fact, because I actually walk into the Post Office to  mail the package.  And it has been a whole heap of weeks since I walked into that place.

Then I got to thinking and wondering.  What did I do with those hats that I made?  Did I donate the finished work to a different organization?

And that sent me upstairs into the yarn studio  on a seek and find mission that turned into soul searching.  Right there in a straight line with the doorway was a pile of hats - five finished and one waiting for the decreases.

Here it is already June and that collection of hats was just sitting there.  Un-Donated.   Non-Contributed.  I failed to do my part for the world of care.

The two grey ones are wool and I had planned to send them to a group that works with homeless teens.  My thought was pure; my action was missing.

The purple/yellow are cotton and acrylic and the multicolored are acrylic.  Those four were designated as chemo cap contributions.  The making was a joy; the final use was to be happiness.

I am pleased to report that the deed is done.  While it is true that I do not personally have access to facilities that distribute warmth and head hugs, I do have access to those nonprofits that take care of spreading the joy.  These six are now in the pipeline of love.


  1. I was hoping for more drama, but you are too kind to be so messy! :D ha ha ha ha ha! You have inspired me to make use my scraps for donations instead of designing handbags for sale.

    1. Yes, Hooker Leo! You are the perfect one to make fun hats - especially for children undergoing life saving medical treatment!