Thursday, June 19, 2014

Don't Mess With This

The shelf unit in my yarn studio apparently was overly messy.  At least according to certain family members.  I believe the exact quote was "now, if you'd just do something about THAT." 

To be honest, they were absolutely correct.  The magazines and books were mostly sloppy.  The single patterns were all cattywampus and the beads & buttons were mixed up and spilling out of too small containers.

A little thinking, followed by quick shopping and Voila!  The mess is now hidden behind and in storage systems.   I admit that it will be much easier to find the gold beads in the bead bin and not have to filter through the wood buttons looking for beads. 

You, gentle reader, should be thrilled and delighted that I have spared you a before photo.  I took one; it was so life altering that I actually spend $$ on non-yarn items.  But, all in all, I am thrilled with the result. 

The magazines are in real actual magazine holders!  The binders of single patterns did not change, but it is obvious that serious time needs to be devoted to setting up new binders because two magazine holders are stuffed with patterns. 

The fabric bins have stolen my heart.  That I was able to find sizes that fit onto the preexisting shelves was a huge plus.  My brilliant idea to use yarn to tie on labels deserves a special mention on Pinterest. (she laughs deeply at that one) 

What is so special about these things is while the inside might be a total dump, the family gets to see a pretty picture of organization. 

This one little corner has inspired me to consider reworking the local stash.  But since that is behind closed closet doors, the family does not comment so much on that homage to the word "disarray." 

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  1. Very orderly and colorful. I do like the knitted lampshade cover!