Monday, June 30, 2014

Multiple Directions

Fixated.  That is an apt description for my knitting over the last week.  Absolutely fixated by the new direction of my work after spending two days learning from Myra Wood.

The pieces of knit fabric decided that they wanted to be a bag - a satchel of sorts for when I need just that perfect something.  After listening to the yarn make its decision, it was necessary to work side panels that would give width and balance out the other pieces.

Yes, just as Myra instructed, I steamed each section as the knitting progressed.  Each time a portion was finished, steam was applied.  Then after the entire rectangle was completed pins were placed selectively so that the whole piece could be steamed as one.  Because my yarn choices were not all the same content, over blocking was a good course.  Eventually, all the edges played nicely even though it was necessary to replace pins and slightly align some of the joins.

The underside is not a mess.  Given how many color changes are in this one rectangle, it could have resembled our drawer of electronic wires (don't ask; only family is allowed to see that tangled web).  I love weaving in ends as I knit or crochet and this photo shows why.  Not one tapestry needle was used in the making of this fabric.

Yes, there was some final adjustments made with tapestry needle, but that is a story for another day.

The thing about making a bag is that the knitting is just the first step.  Lining, determining the closure and making it, handle(s) and futzing are left to be done.  For now I leave you with this final thought.


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