Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stone Soup Of A Post

It had to be.  The ESSS KAL is now scheduled to do a Short Row refresher after the meeting this month.  Although no knitting on the shawl as occurred since last year, I remain ahead of the game.  Naturally, I will attend the session with the hope of picking up a new tip or trick, spend more time amongst knitterly types and scope out the competition find out who else is in the KAL.  It should be fun.

That time between December 24 and January 1 is a gift.  There is something about everyone you encounter - whether they celebrate or not - that is just light and almost care free.  Oh, sure.  Trials still sneak in and daily struggles remain.  But in those final days of any year it feels different.  As though we all harken back the hope of innocence, the faith in a better future and the joy of anticipating something new. 

The mystical week (see paragraph above and actually read how it means) included much time for  yarn work.  Two projects held my attention.  I managed to cast on for the sleeves of the cardigan and work through six colors.  The cardigan is not a UFO.  It's just that I don't need it completed for a bit.  So it sits and waits its turn. 

Knitting sleeves is not the most exciting thing in the world.  To break up the monotony, a bit of crochet has been added to the mix.  Aziza is a lace weight Tencel yarn that is turning out to be a Critron shawlette.  It is very slow going.  It is very striking.  It is going to be a "best ever" traveling accessory.

This weekend brings on the opportunity to pitch a program idea to a group.  If they like the idea and can agree on specifics, it is probable that I'll find myself with four short weeks to finish two projects.  Such a possibility both immobilizes my innards and sends an adrenaline rush to my fingers. 

Speaking of immobilized innards, Daisy needs to get here quick.  I'll let her out of the kitchen so that she can take down all the Christmas decorations.  

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