Friday, December 7, 2012

Slow But Steady

Work on the cardigan, all twelve colors in predetermined order, is moving along.  The work is slow, but steady.  Other things keep interfering.  Like the four caps for these nice folks.  And attending and hosting parties for friends and work associates which required baking. 

The cookie baking this year was going quite well until time reared its head and said, "enough already!"  Call it poor time management if you will.  I am calling it a stroke of genius.  It is possible that I ran out of time to decorate one batch of cookies.  Already the shortbread had been dipped in chocolate.  The peanut butter crosshatched for easy identification.  The sausage lollipops were made and arranged.  That's right, sausage lollipops.  Something needed to bridge the table between the meat/cheese/crackers and the desserts.  Meat on a stick fit the need.  (And I didn't even dip it in chocolate)

But I digress.  No time to decorate the cookies and the genius thought was - - - DIY cookie decorating.  I grabbed the red with a writing tip and wrote DIY on one cookie  and dashed off a nice green leaf underneath the letters.  Brilliant!  A platter of unadorned sugar cookies and tubes of color and guests did their own thing.  It was a bit shocking to see one guest eat the cookie plain.  Unadorned.  Did not even try.  I suppose that it takes all kinds to make the world go round. 

Oh, and I did get the fronts knit to match the backs.

If only life would stop interrupting the yarn work. . .

PS  I started a clutch out of Koigu because Merilyn is an enabler and has such wonderful stuff all bagged up in a cute little kit that included hardware and pattern and lining and yarn! 

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