Friday, January 11, 2013

Lobster Claws & Crochet

You are wondering what lobster claws have to do with crochet.  To be sure, eating lobster whilst crocheting would be a messy experience filled with buttery soaked fiber that no amount of soaking and gentle washing could make useful again.  Move your thoughts away from the table and feast on these lobster claws.

 Crochet stitch markers made with a lobster claw clasp!  These little babies were a gift to myself.  To me from me.  Because I deserve them.  If you don't crochet, fret not.  Stitch markers come in all manner and style of usefulness.  These just happen to be made by a local entrepreneur Peggy. She will be at Stitches West 2013 organizing a stitch marker swap so you might run into her there.

Did you notice that the markers are actually hook sizes?  Check out this next photo to see how they are used.

When you are ready to stop working for a while, grab the marker that corresponds to the hook size you are using on your project.  Open the lobster claw clasp and grab that last loop.  Put away the hook.  Just pull it out.  The working loop remains safe in the clasp and you don't even have to remember what size hook you are using.  It is right there on the cute little bead.

I love these!  Especially on this particular shawl where the hook size changes three times during the making.  

It is all in having the right tool at the right time.  And this time, thanks to the little lobster claws, I've got it right!

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