Friday, January 25, 2013

Ruffle and Ruche

  The Critron is finally complete and will soon have a sister named Citron.  The most exciting part is that I have broken the curse of the color way repetition and branched out - sort of.

The beads in the photo are from the stash and would really pop on the solid color knit work.  Alas, me thinks them too heavy for the lace merino/silk blend.  You should be here to see me toss the ball of green and feel the weight as it delicately settles back in my palm like a spring leaf wafting down to the fresh grass.   Then I toss the ball of yarn with the beads wrapped around it.  Just a few beads (basic size 6 that I use so often) makes the yarn plunk down like a bag of rocks at a gem show.

So, there is a choice to be made.  Forgo the beads  - which don't exist in the pattern - or go shopping for smaller beads - which many have successfully incorporated according to Ravelry posts.

I have only one week to get this ruffle and ruche design knitted and blocked.  Both shawls are needed as samples to entice  good folk to join in a K/CAL* at Riverside Knitting Guild.

*Knit/Crochet A-Long

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