Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Scalloping Along

The first Coquille is completed.  "First", because already a new one is swimming about my thoughts waiting to be cast on.  And the term "already" relates to this post where things looked grim. 

This shawl is a quick and easy knit.  As the name suggests, ridges end with a scalloped detail provided by short row gussets.  The shawl is worked on two different size needles which produces an open feel without any lace work - or life lines - required.

I still have not decided how best to block the thing.  If the gussets are blocked open and wide, I need more pins.  If left soft and rumply I really don't need to block it at all.

The Zauberball plays rather nicely with the vertical stripes.  Long color repeats are the secret for this pattern. 

However, the next one that I see in my mind does not leave the color repeats to chance.  I'm hoping to control for color and wind up with a more stained glass effect.

The KAL for which this was done is not over until March.  Plenty of time. . . .

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