Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Very Deep Rut

There sat I.  Joyously reaching into the big bag of projects looking hoping for an hour of yarn-ness. 

The first project I picked up was the blocked fabric to make a clutch purse.  Working on the clutch meant cutting lining, matching edges, and actually sewing.  Well, since I did not feel like getting out the sewing machine and making a lining, it went back into the pile. 

Next thing out was the crochet shawl.  All neatly bagged with hooks, pattern and yarn.  I even remembered exactly where I was in the pattern.  More importantly, I've now increased to an "H" hook, so each row goes a little quicker.  Alas, no excitement to be found in yet another couple of SC rows.

Finally, I pulled out the current KAL interpretation.  This will be my second Coquille.  It is looking great and does have a stained glass look.  It was at this point that I realized why not one of the three current projects is providing excitement.

Obviously, I am stuck in a very deep color rut.

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