Monday, January 14, 2013

Clickety Clack

Clickety clack - faster than you can k2tog a few times and voila!
 A little beaded scarf is completed.  This is Frieda, a crescent shape designed by Marian Nelson.    Alternating bands of garter and stockinette work up quickly.  As in very fast.  The two lower garter bands are beaded predictably, so even that does not take much time.

 The beads add just enough control and weight to prevent curling or wavy tendency.  The beads might not show up well in the photos.  They match the marvelous Koigu shades. 

Up close and personal, the beads add just enough subtle bling - is there such a thing - to enhance this scarf.

This one is destined for a special Valentine's date.  It was a joy to make, needed no pins for the blocking and really might want to stay in my collection rather than getting adopted by a new owner.

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