Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Green And Happy Days

It is time to stretch the comfort of my familiar color palette and branch out.    Spring is upon us and even the perpetual green of southern California is taking on a brighter hue in the new growth showing about the garden.  Top that off  with yesterday's focus on Mardi Gras colors - those being green, gold & purple - and St. Paddy's day sneaking up, green is definitely on my mind.

And, it just so happens that a LYS is offering 25% discount on all green yarn.  I could not resist. Only two skeins of this Misti Alpaca were left in the store, so I grabbed, purchased and cast on.

Hopefully, when all is knit and done, this will be an over sized cowl that can be doubled up for extra warmth or pulled up like a hood. 

Three hundred stitches worked on a US 11 in the round.  Fairly boring to work, but the color and feel is so delicious that it will probably be done by Friday.

Then all I need is a freakish winter blizzard in this desert.

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  1. Very pretty! Looks like colors familiar to my color pallette.