Thursday, March 3, 2011

378 x 2 = 756

One would hope that by this point in my life, I would know better.  Apparently, I don't know better.  Better than what?  Well, I don't know better than to cast on for a ruffle scarf that begins with three hundred seventy eight  (as in 378)  stitches and hope for smooth sailing.   

First, there was the casting on of those 378 stitches.  And I didn't even flinch - nailed it on the first try with "tail" left over.  I even managed to place markers in the correct locations so that parity with the pattern was achieved.  

Second, there was k1, p1 ribbing with short rows!  No flinching.  I understand short rows.  I understand ribbing.  I put the two together and it all worked out.  I did it.

And then.  And then, after succeeding two times on a US 2 needle, it happened.  

Quoth the pattern, "Change to size 8 needle, purl into front and back of each stitch closing w&ts  (those being from the short row ribbing section).     I know, deep down in the depths of my yarn soul, that the word "RUFFLE" in the name of the pattern probably was a huge hint that there was much increasing to be accomplished.  It is just that I have never equated the word "ruffle" with a dramatic chance in needle size whilst performing two purl stitches including the dreaded purl into the back and looking for wrapped stitches at the same time.  

The only rest I had in the process of moving from 378 stitches to the dreadful 756 stitches was a quick trip to the LYS to procure a size 8 needle with a longer cable and a pointy tip!  Blessings to shop owners who actually keep needles in stock for these panic inducing moments of ruffle madness.

And now, there are 756 stitches on the cable - give or take some percentage and who cares exactly how many because there is no way that I am going to take the time to count that and see what actually happened.

Don't even mention the future cast off.  I have blocked that thought and refuse to even think about it. 

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