Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Addition

Get It Done!   Be crazy for finish-itis!   No More UFOs!

My mantra for the past week is yielding results.  First, it was the Thank You Shawl.  And by the way - that one blocked and was dry within a few hours.   Talk about immediate satisfaction.  I was feeling it, for sure.

Number two that finally - as in finally - finished is a cotton t-shirt for moi.    It was this bit of lace that caught my eye.  I had to do it - but not in the silk yarn of the pattern.  

Specifics:  Baby's Breath Tee from Lacy Little Knits by Iris Schreier.  A link to the book is here and elsewhere if you care to do your own search.    

My version is in Pure Pima from Berroco.  The shades available in this cotton are just the thing we all need for summer.    

Baby's Breath Tee is enhanced with the addition of a mohair blend inset at the neckline - - this in the same lace pattern of the lower edge and sleeves.   A really wonderful study in how the same stitches take on a totally new feel when the yarn is changed. 

I love the contradiction of these two different effects.  Although, there is some angst that the delicate wisps might prove too delicate in the connection to the cotton.  That is a mighty precarious transition right at the bind off of the mohair.

The crochet scallops around the neckline are my own little add to the pattern.    When I tried on the finished tee, something was missing.  Oh - it fit.  It was the pattern.  But it looked incomplete when it lay around my neck.

So, there was a little addition.   And another UFO bites the dust.

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