Sunday, March 6, 2011

756 - 756 = Celebration

Whew!  Done, finished, not blocked but shared with the Guild.  

The quick project of the week was turning straw into wearable art.  That's right.  Straw.  As in Silken Straw from Alchemy Yarns.    This is 100% silk and it does indeed resemble a flattened straw.  From the website: 

Gauge: 6 stitches = 1"
Recommended needle size: 4
Approx. yardage = 236 yards
Approx. weight = 40 grams

Forget that stuff about using a US 4 needle.  Because, when I purchased a dear skein at Common Threads, a complimentary pattern came my way.  And it specified two needle sizes - a US 2 and then increased to a US 8 to achieve this very unique Ruffle Scarf.  This is pure artsy art that will do nothing to keep the neck warm in a desert summer heat wave, but it will look might fine upon the neck and that is all that I need.  

The color above is more natural to the yarn - so ignore this shade, but notice how the scarf twists and turns and offers distraction from my aging neck.  Do not click on the photo so as to make larger - just look at the scarf and ignore the neck!

Please know that in these photos, no blocking has occurred.  I finished with the stitch # 756 of the bind off mere minutes before leaving for Saturday's Guild meeting - so this is what it looked like during Show & Share.  The very long ruffled and twisty tails are quite long (scarf length, don't you know), but in this photo, I've wound the length around and let the tails hang to the back.
The tails also look fine dangling and I am thinking that this will be just the right accessory for a plain white shirt as Spring springs upon us.

Which reminds me - one week before we spring ahead.   

But not before Mardi Gras!  

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