Monday, March 28, 2011

Like Spring Bursting Forth

It looks just like Spring on my desk top  Little bundles and loops of color appeared as if overnight.  And these flowers are named, in no particular order,  Oasis Mink,  Mirage Gin Blue, Avarice Indigo, Avarice Morph Blue,  Avarice Hand Paint 49, 29 & 74 and the every hopeful Jazz Wasabi.

Once again, Twisted Sisters, whom we all know are not sisters but are somewhat twisted,  held a little sale at the warehouse.  What else could get a vehicle full of women on the road before 8:00 am on a Saturday morning? 

Jazz is perhaps my favorite of these yarns and I have a project almost finished out of the stuff.  But, as you read above, I was smitten by Avarice and now have a huge amount of the stuff.  Why, given that I live in a desert that rarely dips below "chilly" do I fall for the alpaca?    Why?  Why?  Why? 

No plans for any of these purchases.  But it is mine - all mine!  

PS - am thinking that it is soon time to add instructions for the stash distribution to the family trust.  Only the worthy shall inherit the alpaca! 

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