Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Size Fits All

The stealth shawl is winging - or trucking - its way to a lovely person.  

This is another South Bay Shawlette from Lion Brand patterns.  The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Sock in the Picasso Marble color way.  This particular yarn has 25% bamboo to go along with the wool and nylon.

I am becoming a fan of yarns that have a touch of bamboo added.  There is something about the drape.  When applied to the neck area the bamboo addition actually has drape.  And I like that greatly.

It is highly possible, that in the future, almost all of my shawls will be crochet.  So fast and quick!  These I can whip out in a week or less.  Knit shawls take time.  Lots of time.  To be sure knitting one out of a fantabulous silk or cashmere is more cost effective than using the good stuff with a crochet hook.   But this was an instance where I wanted to thank a particularly thoughtful and giving individual and thank her quickly.  So, crochet it was!

By the way, the particular color way has a very denim shade along with green and orange.  Don't shiver or gasp!   It is beautiful and will be smashing with jeans or as flair over a white shirt.  

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