Friday, March 11, 2011

Here I am, Paddy!

Paddy.  That shall be the name of this much over sized cowl.  

Look at that curling edge.  Clearly, Paddy has not engaged in his steam bath yet.   It will take place - this I guarantee.

In the meanwhile, please note that the three hundred-ish stitches worked in the round on a US 11 sure does produce a mighty loop.   In this photo, I wear Paddy with one twist in the humongous loop so that Paddy is doubled.  Worn thus,  the cowl will slip inside of a jacket (if needed) and still fluff about the neck for wind protection and warmth generation.

Consider this option for wearing.  Should a sudden storm arise and blast a winter chill suddenly appear adding one more twist to the loop results in an extremely warm neck fitting cowl that still has room to pull up and protect the coiffure!

Paddy is an example of form following function.  Nothing fancy - no embellishments - just multiple twists of Misti Alpaca that will do the job when needed.

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