Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Knitting Math

Let's just put it right out there in the open. Doing math is not my reason for loving yarn. Oh, sure. There are hooks and needles based upon ye basic 'mm'. Maybe that is what tricked me from the start. They, whomever you think they are, suck you in with a promise of little chocolate candies. Trick you into thinking this whole thing is related to the health benefits of chocolate. Not so. 'Tis a lie. Right from the start - a falsehood. Turns out that 'mm' on a hook or needle is not, I repeat, not related to a bowl of M&Ms. Bummer.

After accepting that 'mm' is actually math related, the whole thing goes deeper into the dark recesses of brain work. Convert the meters to yardage to figure out if an extra skein is needed (yeah, yeah - -adopt metric and get on with it, say some). And let us not gloss over the requirement of a measuring device so as to compare the end hope with the mid-stream reality.

Right now, the math mojo must stay with me. I have an end hope. A dream. And she just might work. It all started with following my muse to create the vest of left over Ming. Much as I love the result, and wear the result, there is still that pesky seaming at the end of a wearable worked flat. Epiphany! I do not enjoy seaming. There. It has been stated for the eternal digital world to know. I do not enjoy seaming yarn edges.

Semi - epiphany. Work the vest in the round.

Could work. Would work with the right yarn. But what if the chosen yarn would result in (gasp) horizontal stripes? Not going to happen on this squat body. Give me a lovely vertical stripe that does not resemble a circus tent and then I'll be happy.

Thus, math. And look how hard I've been working on the math. Scribbles and scrabbles and hopefulness. Some of this actually has held true in the making.

16=4" .......Check!
Chain for provisional CO on 6.5mm hook.....Check!
The mysterious 73.....Check! (at least last time I counted)

And since it just so happens that 37 +36 = 73, those also become important numbers.

Takes a whole heap of brain power to get this math thing right.

Where is that chocolate?

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  1. I don't know where the chocolate is but, judging by those numbers, you certainly deserve it!